Eating simple, healthy foods doesn’t mean eating boring, tasteless food. On the contrary, the emphasis is placed on cooking grains and vegetables in ways that bring out their natural flavour.

There is plenty of richness and variety of flavours when you know how to combine ingredients creatively and yet keep dishes simple and uncomplicated.

Cooking is a creative art.
Recipes are intended to guide and inspire you.

Any meal is never the same twice as there are so many variables involved such as length of cooking, type of pans used, amount of seasoning, and different amounts of ingredients.

The idea is to use recipes for ideas and inspiration to give you the knowledge to make your own creations.
Find freedom in your cooking, rather than follow recipes rigidly, change ingredients, experiment and experience the joy of cooking!

We use the highest quality:

  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Sea Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Fruits

grown naturally without artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

  • We choose fish that is not farm-raised with antibiotics, but those that have had a healthy life in the wild.
  • We use natural seasonings such as unrefined sea salt, naturally brewed soy sauce, traditionally aged miso, and selected fresh and dry herbs.
  • Natural sweeteners such as rice and barley malt and maple syrup are used to sweeten cakes and cookies.
  • Naturally leavened, yeast-free bread is used for our sandwiches.
  • High protein meat alternatives such as seitan (wheat meat), tempeh and tofu are also a delicious part of our menus.